Cleaning and maintenance of cabins onderhoud

Live cleaning

Preventive maintenance is essential for low- and high-voltage systems. Fluentis is specialised in live cleaning – i.e. the cleaning of your cabin or system whilst it remains live. This saves you a costly shutdown!

After an initial check, we clean your installation whilst it remains in service. Live cleaning is feasible for medium-voltage systems and transformers, up to a maximum of 15kV.

1 Economic solution not requiring a shutdown
2 Lower total cost due to savings in coordination, night work and connections
3 No risk of switching errors
4 Work performed in accordance with AREI (General Regulations on Electrical Systems), EN – 50110 and VCA.

Cleaning and maintenance of cabins reinigen onder spanning


Fluentis is also your partner when it comes to the maintenance of medium-voltage systems. With our periodic inspection, you avoid problems and your production processes continue to run at full capacity. What is more, a system in tip-top condition reduces the possibility of a failure or an accident, and that’s a major reassurance for you!

Irrespective of the preventive measures you take, there is no getting round the fact that an electrical system gets dirty, and the consequences this can have should certainly not be underestimated. Therefore periodic cleaning of your system is necessary in order to reduce the chance of a failure or an accident.

The inspection includes the following:

Cleaning of the system
Check of switching equipment
Check of the transformer’s oil level
Check of protective relay
Check of lighting in the cabin
Replacement of PPE
Fitting of oil and fire-arresting troughs under transformers
Delivery and fitting of components
**In the event of maintenance work on or a sudden failure of your electrical system, you can hire a generator set with a capacity of up to 450kVA from us.**
Cleaning and maintenance of cabins verbindingstechnieken

Cable jointing

In the field of medium voltage there is a wide range of possible implementations of cable jointing: transitional sleeves, end fittings, PRC sleeves, etc.

Cable jointing thus constitutes one of the main links in your system. For our experienced team, this is something right up their street!

Let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll be delighted to help you.

If you find you have a defective cable, ring us on 011 537 628

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