Concrete prefab cabins plaatsing

Concrete prefab cabins

We are the preferred supplier of concrete prefab cabins to grid operator Infrax, and that’s something we’re proud of!

We offer a broad range of models that are available in all sizes. For that matter, one of our specialities is custom-built cabins which are produced in accordance with the clients’ requirements and in observance of the Synergrid regulations.

What this specifically means:
Concrete prefab housings used for medium-voltage applications are subject to stringent safety regulations. They must meet the requirements laid down by the grid operator (Synergrid C2/112) and are assigned a category based on the construction in conjunction with the building’s interior furnishings and fittings. Our prefab buildings meet all these requirements and are intended for the installation of medium-voltage equipment.

Concrete prefab cabins saneren

From idea through to execution

We take heed of what you want in all respects. Together we look at the requirements and possibilities of producing an attractive product that’s also financially sound.

This calls for optimal dedication and commitment from us, from the initial discussions through to completion and acceptance. Once the plans take concrete shape, we start on the production of the building. With the greatest care and with an eye for every detail, we produce a peerless product of the very highest level.

Concrete prefab cabins onderhoud


The process using self-compacting high-grade concrete ensures that the end result is a concrete structure characterised by an even and refined finish, since exposed concrete has a very attractive appearance untreated. If the customer wants to have the building in a colour, we apply a durable high-quality paint that withstands all weather conditions. Other types of finishing, such as brick facing strips, wood or any other customer specification, are always possible. In terms of quality standards, aluminium doors and grates comply with the Synergrid regulations, and their colours are adapted to the whole.

Concrete prefab cabins reinigen onder spanning

We work according to the turnkey principle

Once the building has been completed, we take care of the subsequent phase from transport through to installation. Thanks to our expertise in the building of electrical high-voltage systems, we offer the possibility of the prefab cabin being supplied ready for use. The great advantage of this is that the site work is reduced to a minimum. We do not limit ourselves solely to the building’s installation and (where necessary) fitting-out; cabling and finishing work around the cabin can be carried out at the same time.

The result: a single contractor, and a single point of contact!

Concrete prefab cabins verbindingstechnieken

Our trump card!

The know-how and expertise at our disposal within our organisation are the guarantee that we will provide you with guidance and support from A to Z. We give you advice from the design, planning permission and building process through to the operation and management phase. For you, as the client, this will save you a great deal of time and worry.

We carry out the entire process under our own management and using our own staff.

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